How do I know what regulations apply to my company?

Are my employees at risk? What training should I be providing them?

If OSHA, MSHA, DOT or EPA stopped by my worksite today, will I be okay?

If you have asked yourself these questions, we can help.

ETC has over 25 years of experience across diverse industries, both public and private. We understand that navigating the maze of federal and state regulations is a daunting task and can often require professional assistance. Our diverse team of EHS consultants have expertise in multiple regulatory areas so whether you need OSHA, MSHA, DOT and/or EPA compliance assistance, we are prepared to solve your EHS challenges.

Most Requested Consulting Services

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    Site Safety Audit & Training Needs Assessment
    Safety audits evaluate a company’s Safety Program and related practices for efficiency, effectiveness, and reliability. Audits are conducted by reviewing documentation (safety manual, OSHA 300 logs, training records, etc.), interviewing a variety of personnel and observing the workplace. The results of an audit will assist you in correcting hazards and determining what actions to take to achieve your desired safety goals.
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    Safety Manual Development / Review
    Your company’s safety manual should not be sitting on a shelf collecting dust. A quality safety manual should not be generic; it should contain valuable information that addresses your specific work environment and the regulatory agencies that govern your operations. ETC reviews, updates or develops a company-specific safety manual to provide the foundation and guide for a safety and training program that will promote safety as a value and qualify your company to bid on high-level contracts.
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    Safety Management Services
    If your organization lacks a full-time safety/environmental professional, ETC’s Safety/Environmental Management Services program can assist you by providing a safety professional a few hours a month or several days a week depending on the amount of work needed to attain compliance, fill the gaps or to boost your company’s safety program to the next level.
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    Emergency Response Plan Assessment / Development / Training
    Does your worksite have a plan in place to deal with a real emergency? ETC can review your existing policies and procedures, access routes, and available medically trained personnel, to help you assemble a plan that includes the safest and most efficient procedures to deal with an emergency.
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    Waste Consulting Services
    Would you intentionally throw your money away? What if you could…ensure environmental compliance, improve sustainability and reduce costs? ETC’s environmental consulting services include Cost Reduction Assessments, RCRA Compliance Audits and Waste Program Development.
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    Job Hazard Analysis (JHA)
    Also known as a Job Safety Analysis (JSA), a JHA is a technique used to identify the hazards of a specific job or process and makes recommendations to minimize or eliminate the hazards. A JHA can be helpful when investigating accidents and training workers on how to safely perform their jobs.
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    Hazard & Risk Assessments
    Risk Assessments identify items, situations, processes, etc. that may pose a risk to your workers. These identified hazards are then analyzed and evaluated to determine how best to effectively eliminate or control the hazard if necessary.

Other Consulting Services

  • Active Shooter / Targeted Violence
  • Compliance Audits
  • Documentation / Recordkeeping Audits
  • Fire Systems Analysis
  • HazCom / GHS Compliance
  • Respiratory Protection Program
  • Risk Management Plans
  • Safety & Security Plan Development
  • Safety Management Services
  • Safety Program & SOP Development
  • Site Audits & Gap Analyses
  • Training Curriculum Development

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