EPA Training & Consulting Services


The EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) was established on December 2, 1970 in response to rising public concern about the biophysical effects of human activity on the earth. Since that time, the EPA has written regulations to:

  • limit and control water, soil and air pollution
  • track hazardous waste from cradle to grave
  • mitigate environmental disasters
  • protect environmental health and safety
  • create environmental law and environmental assessments

In addition to the regulatory responsibilities, the EPA monitors and studies the effects of:

  • climate change
  • habitat destruction
  • resource depletion
  • environmental sustainability
  • educating the public

Many businesses today are affected by EPA regulations, some only slightly and others must adhere to several sets of regulations. ETC is a reliable resource for RCRA, Asbestos and Lead compliance training. We are also available for custom site-specific training. Call us!

What our Clients are Saying…

Great Job. Very informative. Very knowledgeable instructor. – RCRA Refresher Student

Carmen demonstrates knowledge of the material and engages the students with antidotes and encourages questions. – EHS Coordinator in RCRA Refresher class

Great course; covered a lot of material. Bob made it very interesting and kept what would have been a really dry topic fun and interesting! Thanks! – Senor Scientist/Engineer in RCRA Initial class

I’ve got a better understanding of my job. – Restoration Tech in Lead Renovator class

Brian did a great job keeping me interested and involved in this course. Very knowledgeable of entire course. – Asbestos Abatement Tech in Asbestos Contractor Supervisor class

I would recommend this class to other maintenance guys! – Maintenance Tech in Asbestos Operations & Maintenance class

Training Services

Our current Open Enrollment schedule includes the following courses:

  • 16-hr RCRA Initial & 8-hr Annual Refresher
  • 40-hr Asbestos Contractor/Supervisor Initial & 8-hr Annual Refresher
  • 24-hr Asbestos Building Inspector Initial & 4-hr Annual Refresher
  • 8-hr Lead Renovator (RRP) Initial & 4-hr Refresher (every 5 years)


Asbestos which is OSHA, not EPA regulated:

  • 16-hr Asbestos Operations & Maintenance Initial
  • 4-hr Asbestos Operations & MaintenanceAnnual Refresher


Custom Training:

  • Lead Abatement CS & Worker
  • Lead Building Inspector
  • Lead Sampling Technician