We are an environmental, health and safety company focused on your personalized EHS needs, your company’s bottom line, and your employee’s safe return to their families.

What began in 1993 as a small environmental training company based in Tucson, has grown to be Arizona’s premier provider of EHS training and consulting services with facilities in Phoenix and Tucson, and an international client base.

With over 25 years of service, we are still growing and the best is yet to come.


Kasey Moran
Owner, CEO


I knew their mission had to live on.

That was the first thing I remember thinking when I got on the plane in Phoenix, Arizona to return to my home base in Oklahoma.When I first heard about ETC Compliance Solutions, I was intrigued by the concept of Environmental Health and Safety. I love people. I love working with people. So, the idea of ensuring that people were safe while at their jobs appealed to me. But once I met John and Carole Benz, the former owners of ETC, and their staff, I was hooked! The love and the pride this group of people had for the company they had built, was inspiring and contagious!!

Since the business transaction was completed on June 1, 2018, I have grown to love this company even more. The safety professionals are subject-matter experts, bar none. But equally important to their knowledge base is their passion for their industry. Our OSHA experts are road-tested in the field. They’ve seen it all and know how to drive their message home. ETC’s MSHA experts have worked all over the world and have survived and witnessed tragic incidents where others have been killed. They are singularly focused on ensuring another life is not lost while mining. Our DOT and EPA experts understand the importance of protecting life and our most valued resources – our land, our waters, and our air!

To date, ETC Compliance Solutions has built a solid reputation in Arizona. As you will see throughout this website, our clients tell our story better than I ever could. My vision is to expand our safety compliance solutions across the US by continuing to add well-qualified safety professionals to our roster. I look forward to figuring out, with you, how we can provide you with safety solutions that are based around your reality!



ETC has provided safety and environmental training and consulting services throughout Arizona, the United States, Canada, Mexico, Central America, South America, Africa and Germany. Our clients include federal, state, municipal, and private industry. 

OSHA, MSHA, DOT & EPA Services

Open Enrollment Training

These classes, held at ETC’s facilities in Phoenix and Tucson, are a great option for supplemental training needs for new hires, for employees who miss scheduled training due to illness or vacation, or to stretch training dollars when class size does not warrant the cost of onsite training.

Custom Training

Train when it’s convenient for your business (early mornings, weekends or your off-season); address site-specific compliance challenges more in-depth; give your employees the advantage of hands-on, real-world scenarios at your work-site; and train to your SOPs, your safety programs and reinforce your safety culture.

Consulting Services

ETC’s experience across diverse industries, both public and private, gives us the tools to effectively assess EHS compliance issues and to recommend an appropriate plan. EHS Consulting includes Site Safety & Training Needs Assessments, 3rd Party Audits, Safety Manual Development, and Emergency Response Plans.

Giving Back to the EHS Community

ETC believes in supporting up and coming safety professionals by awarding training scholarships to ASSP Student Members, EPAZ Scholarship Winners and Arizona Hydrological Society Intern Scholarship Program Recipients.