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How to Respond to a Workplace Accident

Job providers are responsible for maintaining reasonably safe work conditions. They also are responsible for ensuring workers are properly trained to work safely and minimize potential accidents and work-related injuries. According to our internal resources, an average of 14 workers die while working every day in the United States. Knowing how to handle a workplace…

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4 Safety Concerns for Transportation Workers

Hazardous materials transportation training is essential to keep everyone on the road safe. These courses provide specific training that prepares drivers to handle hazardous materials. Of course, even with the best training, there are still risks that transportation workers face regularly. According to the Department of Transportation, 40% of fatalities that happen in the workplace…

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OSHA training

OSHA Training: 3 Tips to Prepare

OSHA, or the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, regulates the safety and health conditions of the workplace. OSHA training courses and certification may be required for employers and employees to ensure that they understand safety requirements and ensure everyone in the workplace stays safe. If you are about to participate in an OSHA training program,…

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MSHA training

What is MSHA Training?

Working in the mining industry is an inherently risky profession that only becomes more dangerous as the career progresses. For example, our studies report that nearly 14 Americans are killed every at on the job, many of which are miners. Thankfully, the Mine Health and Health Association (MHSA) has created MSHA training to help miners…

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osha training

OSHA Training: The Basics

Every business, large or small, can benefit from OSHA training. Basic OSHA training teaches employees how to stay safe at work. It also focuses on safety and health topics for entry-level general industry workers. Here is more helpful information on OSHA training.   What is OSHA?   The Occupational Safety and Health Administration is a…

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hazardous materials training

6 Reasons to Be Trained On Hazardous Materials in The Workplace

If you work with hazardous items, training is essential for ensuring the safety of yourself and those around you. Failure to properly handle and contain these materials can have catastrophic consequences ranging from injury to death. Read further to understand six reasons why hazardous materials training is essential. 1. Understand Regulatory Requirements OSHA, MSHA, DOT,…

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Little Known Facts About Safety in the U.S. Workforce

Business owners are regularly inundated by the phrase “workplace safety,” so much that some start to tune it out. While it’s understandable that this reaction to workplace safety might’ve been triggered by inundation, it’s still extremely critical that business owners treat workplace safety with the uttermost importance. In addition, the Federal Government has established several…

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OSHA training

5 Great Ways to Prevent Workplace Injuries

Most accidents in the workplace come from slipping and falling, using equipment the wrong way, sitting, standing incorrectly, accidents using tools, and colliding with a machine or objects. OSHA training offers employees in all types of industries training for best workplace safety practices. Training your employees and implementing a workplace safety program will help prevent…

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cpr certification

Top Benefits of Compliance Training

When it comes to compliance training there are a plethora of benefits. Having a positive compliance culture can help your organization move forward in a better light. Here are a few of the many benefits of compliance training. Work Environment The first benefit of compliance training is it promotes an inclusive and safe workplace for…

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How’s Your Safety Culture?

“Making a living shouldn’t have to cost you your life. Workplace fatalities, injuries, and illnesses are preventable. Safe jobs happen because employers make the choice to fulfill their responsibilities and protect their workers.” — Dr. David Michaels Assistant Secretary of Labor for Occupational Safety and Health At last count, 14 American workers are killed on…

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A Forgotten Group

When we think about workplace safety the first jobs that come to mind are those that are in traditionally dangerous industries. How often do we think about dangers to office workers? The National Safety Council says that employees are two and a half times more likely to suffer from a fall in an office setting…

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How Can We Serve You?

ETC understands the business owner’s perspective and the often difficult task of doing the right thing while managing the bottom line. Our experience across diverse industries, both public and private, gives us the tools to efficiently assess your environmental, health and safety compliance issues and to recommend an appropriate plan of action to achieve your…

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