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DOT / HazMat Transportation Awareness

$245.00 per attendee

This course is designed for the employee who is directly involved with hazardous materials transportation safety and procedures. This one-day class provides an awareness-level knowledge of the transportation of hazardous materials in compliance with Subchapter C of Title 49.

DOT / HazMat Transportation Certification

$535.00 per attendee

This course is designed for people who manage and supervise employees responsible for the packaging and shipping of hazardous materials and for employees who are responsible for the packaging and/or shipping of more than one type of product containing different materials.

IATA Initial

$725.00 per attendee

This course is intended for shipping personnel who prepare and sign shipping papers for air transport, personnel responsible for classifying hazardous products, and anyone else who meets the definition of a “hazmat employee” and who needs to understand how to read and interpret the IATA Air Regulations.

IATA Refresher

$275.00 per attendee

A review of topics originally presented in the initial course and a presentation of new developments and changes in regulations.